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With his best friend in a magical coma and the clock ticking, Tyler and his companions set out on one last mission to save him from death's clutches. However, they soon find their well-laid plans have gone awry, the fate of the world balancing on the edge of a knife.


After traveling through dangerous country, facing down dragons, and fighting their way across a volcano, Tyler and his friends arrived at the crystalline palace of the Sage, nestled in the valley of the Dravin Peaks. But now their time is running out as Tiragan's life slowly slips away. They have precious little time to save him and only one option, a dragon.


Traveling to Candlelight Harbor, the trio finds the town in ruins, having just been attacked by one of the king's dragons. However, the locals believe it is the green dragon Ryrris that haunts them and happily hire Tyler and his companions to slay the beast. Boarding a ship to the Island Bosque where the dragon resides, Tyler and his friends not only discover the dragon their searching for but also the heart of all magic in Bramoria. In a flash, the king's true intentions are revealed and the clock ticks faster.


Can Tyler and his friends stop the king's evil plans to destroy Bramoria, or will the man crowned in madness bring an end to the world they've grown to love?


Find out in the epic conclusion of the Tales of Bramoira Triology, The Crown of Madness.



The Crown of Madness

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  • Blake R. Wolfe

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