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Saving the world is more than a two-person job.


Now with two of the seven Golden Arrows of Soleil, Florian and Kade have no choice but to visit the only remaining kingdoms in the Veil and seek their help to retrieve the rest. Their first stop is the dragon kingdom, where the dragon king Tetsuo welcomes them coldly.


But the citizens of the dragon kingdom are much more hospitable, so Florian and Kade find solace and assistance not in the austere castle of the dragon kingdom, but in its bustling city streets. Soon they discover that the royal family isn't a monolith: Tetsuo's son Koji has been waiting for the opportunity Florian offers, and jumps at the chance to leave his monotonous life behind to help Florian and Kade in their mission.


With a new ally on the team, the next Arrows are easily within reach. But before they can celebrate, Kade is called back to the wolf kingdom-his father is dying, and he needs to be there. With Kade's blessing, Florian and Koji go alone to seek out the next Arrow, and Florian faces his greatest challenge yet: figuring out how to keep saving the world without Kade at his side.


THE BLIGHTED SKY, book three of the Chronicles of the Veil, is a steamy MM paranormal romance featuring fae, shifters, and a trans MC. This 18+ novel contains adult situations.

The Blighted Sky: MM Paranormal Romance

SKU: 9798873669127
  • Lionel Hart

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