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Sacha Brighton is dreading her sister's Christmas Eve wedding, but she's headed to their family cabin in Northern Michigan all the same. Though she is running several hours late and her phone battery died somewhere on the interstate. Nothing surprising there. Sacha had braced herself for a lot of diva wedding antics from Alexis. What she wasn't prepared for was to find her sister hired an androgynous wedding planner that Sacha can't get off her mind.

Hal (Hallie) Halliday (she knows) lives by her checklists. All she wants is for this wedding she's been organizing for months to go perfectly. She went to school with the Brighton sisters but has had a major glow-up since her ponytail jock days and she finally feels at home in her own skin. She knew Sacha would be at the wedding. But she was still shocked to find her massive crush from high school resurrected the second she saw her. Could Hal really have a chance with Sacha? Or will Sacha be just one more disaster Hal will have to take care of to keep this wedding on track?

Checking It Twice is a low-angst sapphic Christmas romance novella filled with ice skating, failed gingerbread cookies, and people trying their best.



Checking It Twice

SKU: 9798986117126
  • Lucy Bexley

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